5 Things You Should Do on Your Next Outdoor Trip

September 29th, 2016

A lot of people love the outdoors. Many spend their vacations on camping, trekking or fishing trips.

Our country is blessed to have lots of outdoor destinations that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, some of these natural reserves are fast vanishing. The deluge of tourists, trekkers and campers certainly has adverse effects on nature. As such, it is the onus of anyone going outdoors to minimize ecological damage throughout their stay with nature.

One of the most vital rules in hiking is to leave no trace behind – be it remnants of campfire, non-biodegradable waste, or even new tracks. Responsible hikers and campers (or even hunters) must strive to leave the campsite undisturbed.

Here I’ve come up with some things you should be doing on your next outdoor vacation.

  1. Leave saplings not litter.

The next time you go outdoors hiking or camping, be sure to bring with you saplings. Encourage everyone joining your group to plant a tree. This would help conserve the natural reserves and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

If possible, ask your tour guides to make sure that the saplings are well taken care of. Through this simple act, you can give back to nature in a profound way.

  1. Take your litter with you.

Whatever you bring with you into wild, be sure to bring it back with you when you leave. I would recommend bringing containers where you can throw your litter. Remember that the trash you leave, especially non-biodegradable, can have huge impact in the eco-system no matter how small or minor it is. This trash take thousands of years to decompose and that surely can affect soil quality.

You can even go further by taking with you some garbage that has been left by irresponsible trekkers.

  1. Leave noise at your home.

The next time you embark on a hiking trip; don’t bring your loud speakers. Don’t be tempted to tow with you the digital piano that you’ve found at https://digitalpianojudge.com/.

Stay quiet. Show respect to other hikers and avoid disturbing animals in their natural habitat by keeping your noise down. There’s absolutely no need to scream, shout or speak loudly while in the wild as it normally very tranquil and serene. Better enjoy the sweet sound of mother earth! You only get this kind of silence every once in a while.

  1. Clean up!

When nature calls and you’re in the outdoors, it should not be an excuse for you to just litter anywhere. You want to look for a spot that is at least 200 feet away from water sources and away from heavy traffic area. As much as possible, look for areas where are rocks or gravel to urinate on. For solid waste, dig hole that is 6-8 inches deep and cover it up with needles, leaves, or other natural materials that around you.

  1. Don’t trespass private lands or closures.

Authorities would sometimes close trails or certain parts of natural reserves for re-vegetation or to protect species. It can be frustrating but these closures are put to limit impact on nature. At times, there could be danger beyond the point. So, for your safety and the protection of the reserve, it is best to just respect these closures.

So, the next time you pack your things for an outdoor trip, don’t forget to be a responsible outdoorsman!