5 Tips To Make Your First Ski Experience Truly Enjoyable!

December 23rd, 2016

Winter is upon us. And what better way to enjoy the upcoming cold months than experience snowboarding and skiing!

It’s the time of the year when the lush mountain slopes get covered with a frozen blanket of snow. The gorgeous mountains seem to invite you to take the plunge and enjoy adrenaline rush you get from skiing and snowboarding.

First-timers might find the initial glide to be daunting – even a failure, especially if you don’t prepare for it. What you imagine to be a graceful, enjoyable gliding experience can easily turn into a disaster.

So, before you buy ski gears, best ski gloves and even book a trip to a ski resort, be sure to check out these 5 tips to help make the most of your first ski experience.

  1. Enroll in lessons.

Some might say that you don’t need lessons to learn how to snowboard or ski, but the truth is that it’s essential. Signing up for a short course can make you more confident once you hit the slopes and also save you from any possible injuries. Skiing basic would only require a couple of hours while snowboarding might need a full day’s training. Take advantage of training camps offered by ski resorts. Usually, it comes with a discount for the use of their facilities.

  1. 5 Tips To Make Your First Ski Experience Truly Enjoyable-1Rent, don’t buy.

You don’t really need to own your ski or snowboarding equipment. It is more affordable to just rent the gears from the resort. Take a look at the price of basic ski and snowboarding gears at review sites like Winter Badass. They don’t come cheap, right? Usually, ski resorts are complete with all the ski gears from the parkas to snow pants and other accessories. Check ahead of time if the resort offers rentals before you head out. If the resort doesn’t offer rentals, you can still find stores (online or local shops) that will rent equipment to you. Just make sure that the gears fit you well.

  1. Choose hills with abundant snowfalls.

Fluffy, soft powdery slopes are the best for skiing or snowboarding. Check if the slope still has enough snow coverage or snow falls, and hasn’t been fully frozen up due to several runs by other boarders or skiers. Pick resorts and hills before choosing where to snowboard or ski. Ask recommendations from professional or avid skiers – they know a lot about the best spots. Also, fresh, natural snow is easier to run over, much softer to land, and provides slower run.

  1. Tag a friend.

Make your first experience worthwhile by taking a friend with you. It’s safer to have someone check on you, at the same time, it’s also great to have someone to laugh with when you make silly mistakes or spills. Skiing and snowboarding can be a unique bonding experience for you and your friends.

  1. Keep trying.

Some pick up skiing or snowboarding in minutes, others may need hours or even days to master getting up on the board. Everyone’s got different learning speed, so don’t give up. Keep trying and soon you’ll get a hang of it.

Don’t get tempted to give up. When you get frustrated, it’s really tempting to just give up and stop learning. Take a rest and give it a try. Eventually you’ll master the skills and find yourself gliding gracefully down the slope!