7 USA Destinations You Need to Visit: A Music Lover Checklist

September 26th, 2016

Travel is more than just the scenic views. The relaxing jazz music or the hypnotizing electronic trance from a local performer can have a huge part in creating wonderful travel memories.

If music plays a huge part in your travel experience, you’ll definitely find these seven destinations very enjoyable.

New York

Home of some of the most iconic American musicians and artists, New York is a city filled with music. From north to south, east to west, you’ll surely find great music. If you’re a fan of relaxing jazz music, you can surely find some of the best alto saxophonists at any of the Greenwich Village jazz clubs. You might get tempted to look for your own alto saxophone after their soulful performances – for that you can check this link to the best alto saxophone. There’s also the elegant Carnegie Hall or the enormous Madison Square Garden. If you want to preview the future huge artists, the CMJ Music Marathon fest is a must.

Los Angeles

This one’s a given. The home of many music industry leaders – as well as the Grammys – this city is certainly a Mecca for music lovers. When you find yourself in the city some of the must-visits are the Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard. If you want to enjoy some live music, the Hollywood Bowl, Greek Theater or the Troubadour won’t disappoint. If you’re after some intimate music experience, Largo is the place to be.


The Windy City is home to jazz and blues. So, if saxophones, flutes and brass instruments are your thing, you surely don’t want to miss out Chicago. You can go and read on about the newest saxophone models at WindPlays – that should prepare you for your trip to this jazz homeland. There are a number of blues club in this city and you will surely love all of them. If you happen to be in this city at the perfect time, you might just chance upon the Pitchfork Music Festival or Lollapalooza.


Any trip to Nashville won’t be complete without dropping by at the Grand Ole Opry, where popular artists like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash were first known. If you’re someone who loves to tinker around and know about the country music history, the Music Row and the Country Hall of Fame are right in this city. The acoustic scene in the city is also an experience to behold.


This city is touts itself as the “Live Music Capital of the World” – and it surely lives up to its bold claim. Austin is the home to the annual music fest call South by Southwest festival, which the destination for all emerging artists trying to go mainstream. Some of the well-known music venues are the Continental Club, Franklin Barbecue and Stubb’s BBQ.


Over the last decade, we’ve seen how this city has grown to become the never center for contemporary R&B and hip-hop. With the numerous music venues that dot this city, it’s not surprising that the city has produced some huge names in the global music scene.


Last on our list, this city is known for giving the music world the grunge genre. But aside from this distinct musical flavor, the city is also home to some huge names like Jimi Hendrix, Death Cab, Macklemore, the Crocodile, Stop by the Showbox, and Nirvana. Whenever you happen to be in this city, don’t let the chance pass without visiting its local club or music venue. For sure, you’ll enjoy the sounds!