8 Greatest Cities to Watch MMA: Pick Your Favorite

September 27th, 2016

There’s no doubt, MMA is the latest fad in combat sports scene – and it’s getting attention from across the globe. And part of promoting the sports across the globe is by moving it from one city to another. While majority of these cities give MMA a warm reception, some stops just have crazy fans that make the sports even more alive and active.

Here let’s take a look at some of the best cities to watch MMA live.

  1. Kansas City, USA – This city is a fan of any combat sport – be it wrestling, boxing or MMA. And because of the city’s support for MMA, large promotions like Invicta, RFA, Legacy and Bellator keep coming back to the city. The city also has a decent number of MMA gyms.
  2. Columbus, OH, USA – Another great city to watch live MMA fights, Columbus has a well-run and organized commission. The MMA fans are also very supportive and alive. They give each game a football game feel. There are also MMA gyms scattered throughout the city.
  3. Montreal, Canada – Folks in this Canadian city have a huge heart for MMA. Once the MMA fighters, donned with their MMA combat suits, like those you can see at GoodByeNinja, step into octagon, the venue erupts. Point in case, the Bell Center is always packed every time UFC stages its fights in town. The city’s love and pride its own MMA champion, George St. Pierre, seems to overflow to the sport.
  4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – is known for its love for combat sports. It really didn’t come as a surprise why UFC returned to this South American city for the UFC 134. The reception for the UFC match is crazy: people lined up long hours for their cards and thunderous celebrations where staged after their homegrown fighter won. This fight-loving city gave the UFC good reasons to return.
  5. London, England – This English city has a nice share of awesome fight fans. While the London crowds are known to be good at complaining, especially when they feel they’ve been slighted by a match, but they also know how to throw full support for their fighters – and that means, no matter what happens!
  6. Saitama, Japan – You’re not a full-pledged MMA fan if you haven’t seen MMA action at the Saitama Super Arena. You could feel the electrifying emotions of the audience. The knowledgeable fight fans of Japan surely know how to warm up the venue. These fans are quite obsessive that they even know the brand of MMA gloves fighters wear. Ask them about any MMA gloves brand and specifications and they might just recite the contents found on this link. The MMA fight staged in this city drew record crowd that filled the football-sized stadium.
  7. Los Angeles, USA – This city is filled with fight gyms and MMA crazy enthusiasts. Los Angeles has shown its love for the sport even before the world was endeared to it. The fans surely know how to support their favorite fighters. Many of these MMA fans also show support to women UFC fighters.
  8. Las Vegas, USA – This list won’t be complete without the Fight Capital of the World. Las Vegas is the home of UFC. It is where the powerful Nevada State Athletic Commission is headquartered, the largest MMA fights, and the dozens of fight gyms. The city is also where countless MMA fanatics reside. You definitely have to watch MMA live action here!