Bizarre Hotels in the US

September 15th, 2016

Most of us travelers book hotels online after checking out the reviews. We see where the place is located with respect to transport and other attractions. What about being really adventurous and choosing to stay at accommodation that borders on the whacky? Somewhere that when you wake up, you’re underwater, or in a forest or buried in a cave of ice? Now that would be more fun.

Let’s look at a few places you can book into that are so amazing that you won’t really care whether you get any sleep or not!

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

This is the first underwater hotel in the world. As well as accommodation, you get scuba diving lessons (of course) and underwater adventures. What those adventures are have not been clarified. Because the hotel is 21 feet under the surface, you need a scuba diving ticket to be allowed entry. The rooms have windows looking out into the water so you can lie in bed and watch the fish swimming by. It’s probably lucky that the fish can’t talk.

Red Caboose Motel, Pennsylvania

The motel rooms are actually rail cars, and they are equipped with all the mod cons you would need and expect when staying at a normal hotel. As a bonus all the food products are sourced from the local Amish farm. This is a perfect place to bring kids as well because they have an interactive zoo that has sheep, goats, chickens and ponies. You have lovely views of the countryside.

The Bivvi, Colorado

You might consider this as a cross between cabin camping and a mountain hostel. If you’ve seen pictures of people on holidays soaking in a hot tub on a balcony that overlooks the forest and wild country, then you will get an idea of what this place is all about. As well as being hostel style accommodation, it also has the standard style hotel rooms. During the day you can mosey on into town and taste the cuisine there as well.

L’Banca Albergo, Louisiana

Sleeping in a bank is a little safer than robbing one, and that’s just what you can do in this converted bank building. Some of the rooms still have the old bank features such as the teller window and the vault door and what’s safer than sleeping in a bank? To top it off there is the Wine Vault which would be far more fun to rob than a real bank. This is certainly something a little different.

Moonrise Hotel, Missouri

This hotel has all things to do with space, stars, moon landings, Apollo launches and the like. The hotel is filled with space memorabilia and even spaceships and does everything to provide an atmosphere that will make you think that you just stepped onto the lunar surface. Menus and accommodation forms use space jargon to add even more to that feeling. A weekend there is probably perfect if you feel a little ‘spaced out!’