How To Stay In Shape On A Holiday? Here Are Seven Ways To Do It

January 4th, 2017

Staying in shape while on a holiday is doubly challenging. Vacations, for many of us, are usually a two-week hiatus from physical fitness.

During your vacation, temptations abound making it difficult to stay true to your fitness goals. Lavish feasts. Bottomless drinks. Sweets here and there. All these serve as great excuse to not stray away from your fitness goals. It’s almost a week- or month-long cheat day!

But this shouldn’t be the case. There are many ways that you can sneak workout into your leisurely vacation that you’ve been waiting for all the year. For instance, you can spend a day in a leisure park where you can find unique experiences. In one of my out-of-the-country trips, I visited a fitness center that offers some crazy fitness equipments and gadgets. I definitely loved my first ever trampolining experience using the best trampoline brands.

Here are seven creative ways to sneak fitness into your next holiday trip.

  1. Pack up your fitness gears.

Small fitness gears like a jump rope or a resistance band can easily fit into your suitcase. A good 30-minute strength-training moves using resistance bands is enough to shove off excess calories. Jump rope seems very small but it’s an intense cardiovascular workout that only takes a short time.

  1. Wear a pedometer.

A stroll in the park to start your day is a perfect calorie-busting activity – here’s where a pedometer comes to the picture. Aim for 100,000 steps each day. Choose to walk instead of riding vehicles especially if tourist sites are just nearby.

  1. Carry a load.

Try distributing your luggage into several smaller suitcases. Balance two suitcases and carry them through the airport. For sure, your upper body will feel the burn. For your next holiday, choose a suitcase without rollers so you’ll be obliged to carry a load.

  1. Take a detour.

If you’re embarking on a long road trip, plan detours – probably a hike – to get some rest. Check with the forestry or parks service in the areas to find a good trail that suits your fitness level.

  1. Explore new activities.

Rent a surfboard, kayak, skateboard, or bike. There are rental shops that offer free lessons for first-timers. Get adventurous and try something new on your vacation. A trampoline fitness center where you can find adult trampolines like the ones you’ll see on this site is also a good pick. You’ll burn calories while enjoying the break.

  1. Adjust your expectations.

Surely, you won’t be able to keep up with your fitness goals while on vacation. So, spare yourself from self-blaming by not setting unrealistic expectations. Accomplishing at least 50 percent of your fitness goals is enough than nothing at all.

  1. Read before you leave.

Know the town you’re about to visit. Check your accommodation. Does it have workout facilities? Does it offer short fitness programs like Zumba classes? Are there nearby local gyms with day passes? Is there a park with jogging trail? Try to squeeze into your itinerary schedule for brief workouts.