The Great Three Regions of the US

November 29th, 2016

The United States can be neatly divided into three areas. One could make an argument for more than just those, but there are really three geographic regions that are of interest to someone traveling around the country. I want to talk about each region, and hopefully give you an idea of where you would want to travel should you decide to take a tour of the US!

The East Side

I can think of quite a few reasons to come to the East Side of the US. Let’s start from North to South, shall we? First, there is Vermont and Maine. These two states are the most stunning in my opinion, and during the Fall they have no equal. New York City and Boston and are also amazing cities to visit. If you want a taste of the original 13 Colonies of the United States, visit Williamsburg in Virginia! You can also see Nashville, TN, home of country music if you want to travel a bit west. The beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee are all must-see locations. And finally, if you love beaches, you should pay a visit to Florida and see Disneyworld!

The Midwest

This is one of the less thrilling parts of the US. It is very important to the overall US economy because it provides both agriculture and houses the shipping industry. If your visit the ITA Logistics groupage cargo delivery, you can see the type of shipping that the Midwest companies do! Although it is not too thrilling overall, there are a few places that are worth visiting. The South of Texas is quite pretty, and Oklahoma has quite a few cowboy museums and exhibits! But you want a real taste of what American West was like, you need to travel even further west!

The West

Other than NYC, this is what region America is most famous for. You can see the Grand Canyon in Arizona, go skiing in the Colorado mountains, go whitewater rafting on the Colorado river, or go camping in one of the many national parks in the west! If gambling is your thing you can visit Las Vegas to see the amazing sights and the beautiful casinos. California is probably the crown jewel of the US; there are beaches, the movie industry, and the film industry. There is so much to see there; if you can to the US only for Cali you would not be wasting your time. The West is my very favorite region of the US… Give it a try!

So if you want to see New York City at night, get a look at the FTL shipping of the Midwest, or stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona or see the Pacific Ocean from a cliff in Los Angeles, the US has it all! There is so much to do and see here; you will not likely get tired of it!