Top Three Amazing Destinations For Your Next Hunting Trip: A Must In Your Bucket List!

September 24th, 2016

A lot of people go to the outdoors to rest or relax. Nature’s serene and calming atmosphere never fails to take away all the stress and worries in life.

But for hunting enthusiasts, the outdoors is seen not as a tranquil place but a thriving expanse where thrill, excitement and adventure await. The outdoors is where these hunters can finally showcase their hunting prowess – man’s primeval instinct.

For this post, let’s forget about fascinating sceneries or fun-filled adventures or awesome experiences that many are looking for in their next tourist destination. Here we list some of the best destinations in Northern America that every hunting enthusiast should visit. If you are a fan of air rifles or someone who spends much time on air rifle reviews sites like RifleJudge, you’ll surely take delight reading this.

  1. Salmon, ID

The name of this town is quite fitting for its character. The Salmon River runs through this town. It is bordered by a vast public hunting ground, as well as the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48. Given its terrain and geography, Salmon practically has everything.

The tributaries offer the best fishing spots for steelhead, trout and numerous year-round fish species. Although the big-game prospect has changed because of the wolves increasing dominance, hunting for bears, mule deer, whitetails and mountain lions is still the best in North America.

  1. Appleton, WI

The infamous Fox River Valley has been drawing outdoorsmen from across the country for over a hundred years now. Here you can hunt whitetail deer – among the most priced games in the hunting community. Aside from hunting deer, there are also fishing grounds where you can find numerous exotic fishes.

Seasonal migratory geese also flock the region com fall. And just sixty miles north, the expansive forest provide habitat for grouse, bears, and deer. Truly this one is a haven for every hunting enthusiast. If ever you’re planning to have a hunting trip to this town, be sure to bring an air rifle with nice specifications like the Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT reviewed here. That’ll definitely make the hunting trip worth it!

  1. Venice, LA

Situated just at the mouth of the Mississippi River, Venice is the place to be for anyone who yearns for hunting and fishing. Some might recall this town as the ground zero for the Hurricane Katrina and the epicenter of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

But beyond these sad stories, the community is arguably the best destination for hunt waterfowl and to fish. For those who love fishing, Venice offers world-class speckled trout and redfish fishing – as well as the largemouths. You can go down the river and fish anytime of the year and still catch fish. You’d be amazed at how bountiful the waters are!

As an alternative, you can go to the offshore oil and gas rigs and fish big-game species like tunas, marlins, swordfish and sailfish. And as a bonus, this town turns into a waterfowl paradise come teal season, which is usually on September.

There are only very few places here in the United States where your inner hunter instinct will surely leap by bounds! Be sure to include these three amazing destinations to your hunting bucket list!